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Join The Chatter

Digital Press Videogames isn't just a store for trading, selling and buying games. It has grown over the years to become a community of videogame fans that gather regularly to share their interest in both classic and current-era gaming at the store. One visit to the monthly NAVA event and you'll immediately understand why our community is so close and unique. Visit the store or check us out on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ to get a taste of our community and the fun you should be a part of. 

NAVATrade. mingle. play.

NAVA  is a FREE monthly event bringing gamers of all ages together for competition, trade, and chatter. There are always lots of games for trade and sale, and everyone is invited to bring their OWN games and systems to sell or trade.

Stop by the store to join the fun. Play retro games with the DP community, share your opinion with others about the latest big title release, strike up a deal with a collector for a game you need to have.  Come for the competition, fun and conversation with fellow gamers.

Digital Press Elsewhere

The DP community doesn't only leave the comfort of their controllers & trance-inducing glow of their TVs for the parties, conventions and NAVA gatherings. The team and its revered customers are very alive online, commenting and sharing photos at the Digital Press Videogames Facebook page where you can participate in discussions about numerous videogame topics.